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59 Series Crossover Sales Strong

June 7, 2012


The MEC Crossover Series of scissor lifts have established themselves as the most popular model offered by MEC with strong delivery results to customers throughout the first half of 2012.  This is an important achievement for the machine as it affirms the beliefs of the design team who recognized an underserved market and developed a scissor lift that was eagerly embraced by the industry.


The Crossover is a top performer for the company and has found a home with dry-wallers and fire sprinkler installation companies who have looked to take advantage of the integrated sheet material rack and purchasable pipe rack option.


Platform heights are available at 26 and 32 feet and all machines are battery powered 4WD with hydraulic wheel motors – allowing continued performance in wet and muddy environments.  The machines can be fit with automatic leveling outriggers and each Crossover sports industry leading entry heights of 44.5 inches for the 2659ERT and 50.5 inches for the 3259ERT.


A prototype for the series made its debut in March of 2011 at ConExpo and the first deliveries were ultimately made in September of last year.  The main indicator of success for the models has come with the constant stream of re-orders from companies that had previously purchased Crossovers.  MEC could not have asked for a better reception.


New options for the Crossover are constantly being brought to market.  For the companies that are looking to take advantage of modern diagnostics, MEC now offers an onboard electronic diagnostic interface for all Crossover scissor lifts.  For the traditionalist looking for a solid performing 4WD electric scissor lift, the company has developed a 55 inch wide platform with an aluminum deck for the series.  Performance is equally as strong in either configuration and the latest offerings cater to the preference of the customer and the desire of their own client base.

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